5 Types of Bedroom Tiles

Bedroom wall tiles can provide an easy and elegant solution for livening up the aesthetics of the space quickly. Unlike wall paints, tiles won’t stain and fade easily, making them suitable for bedrooms with children.

Opt for porcelain wall tiles in neutral tones for a fresh and simple aesthetic in your bedroom, serving as the ideal canvas to showcase all of your furniture and decor elements.

Mosaic glass tiles

Mosaic glass tiles are an excellent way to add style and color to any environment, such as kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, swimming pool applications or decorative accents. Their variety of colors, shapes and sizes caters to individual taste.

Recycled and fused glass mosaics add unique textures, while stained versions add artistic flourish. Choose from an extensive range of hues and shades, from soothing blues to striking multicolor medleys.

For a modern touch, add glossy mosaic tiles such as this Sea Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Tile as an accent piece in your vanity area. Or experiment with matte glass tiles like this Seashell Pearl White Matte Glass Mosaic Tile for kitchen backsplashes that feature soft sheen. Plus these low maintenance tiles are stain, scratch, and moisture proof!

Rustic textured stone tiles

Attracting magazine- and Pinterest-worthy eyeballs with natural stone tiles is easy when using their rustic beauty in any design style; their earthy tones pair well with moody or dark rooms as well as wooden textures, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and exposed brick cladding.

Slate tile is among the most sought-after natural textured wall tiles, offering an earthy aesthetic that complements muted tones and jute rugs beautifully. Other natural texture wall tile options include travertine and limestone; both can be tumbled for a soft, pitted effect to add extra natural charm to a backsplash, shower area, or fireplace facade.

If you’re searching for more durable options, brick porcelain tiles could be just what you need. Replicating the raw and resilient aesthetic of real brick walls, these non-slip tiles make a stylish yet practical statement in kitchen backsplashes, bathroom vanity walls and commercial settings such as cafes or restaurants – as they’re impervious to liquids and vapor.

Modern wall tiles

Modern wall tiles offer a sleek and contemporary aesthetic in their bedroom, perfect for creating an uplifting space. Their wide array of colours and textures allows them to complement any interior decor style; neutral tones can help maintain a minimalistic design, while bolder hues add flair and color.

For an organic feel in your bedroom walls, choose earthy stone tiles made of marble, granite and travertine for wall coverings. These materials provide warmth while remaining scratch-resistant – just be aware of frequent cleaning!

Another popular tile choice is wood. Wood tiles create an intimate ambience in any bedroom and come in various colours and styles; even wall tiles made of wood can make a statement feature wall! Additionally, their geometric patterns add visual interest that add visual interest.

3-D wall tiles

3D wall tiles are the hottest modern bedroom decorating trend. They add texture to walls while creating visual depth, adding visual interest with depth perception and visual texture. 3D wall treatments come in many shapes and colors for every home design style – be it classic marble kitchen tile walls or eye-catching geometric ones; there’s sure to be one just right!

Calm and stylish, this polished porcelain 3D tile features an inviting grooved surface which creates waves of movement. Perfect as an accent wall in any bathroom or living area; or use as flooring option in bedrooms and kitchens alike.

When choosing a pattern for your walls, keep your interior theme and optimal space usage in mind when selecting a pattern. Coverage calculations for all windows and doors must also be taken into account and 5-10% more should always be added than estimated for future reference.

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