Bathroom Basins and Pedestals

Bathroom basins are an integral component of any space. Many prefer seeing and touching basins before making their decision about where it fits within their bathroom space.

To choose the appropriate basin for your space, start by measuring its dimensions (length and width). Furthermore, it is also important to take into account factors like:


In bathrooms, pedestals serve as design elements that help define space. Supporting the sink basin and concealing any plumbing underneath it, pedestals also make an elegant home for faucets.

One of the most sought-after bathroom sink options is a traditional full pedestal basin, as this classic style works in any setting, including powder rooms and smaller master bathrooms. With its small footprint and ample visual space, full pedestal basins make an excellent addition to tighter bathrooms or powder rooms. Furthermore, this style is easier to keep clean than vanities or console sinks due to fewer surfaces for dust bunnies to collect on.

Pedestals come in an assortment of heights and widths, but for an adult at hip height this height may be most convenient in a guest bathroom or family bath.

New trends include installing semi-pedestal sinks with stems that end just above the floor. They are more budget friendly than full pedestal sinks and are loved for their sleek lines and easy care requirements, making them a great fit for contemporary or minimalist designs in bathrooms.

Wall-mounted sinks offer another solution, attaching directly to the underside of your countertop without needing to be installed on the floor. While this option may make cleaning up spills easier, it may make it harder for water and spills from reaching their way onto the countertop surface itself. These types of sinks work well for smaller guest bathrooms without storage needs such as powder rooms.

Your choice of bowl will depend on your needs. For main bathrooms, larger bowls provide ample room for toothbrushes, hairbrushes and other daily accessories; in powder rooms or smaller spaces a less formal appearance might be preferable.

After you’ve decided on the type of pedestal sink you want, the next step should be selecting a basin. With so many choices on the market today, make sure your new sink and pedestal match well with your bathroom design scheme before making your selection.

Porcelain pedestal sinks are popular and affordable options, offering durability with multiple colors and finishes to fit into any bathroom setting. Solid-surface materials like quartz or marble provide more dramatic finishes while being more durable than laminate; for an eye-catching accent in your space consider acrylic resins and ground composites; these eco-friendly options also come with wood grain finishes for a warming aesthetic.

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