Bathroom Hardware Sets

If you appreciate clean lines and minimalist designs, this bathroom hardware set may be just what you need. Complete with toilet paper holders, towel rings and robe hooks – everything needed for your perfect bathroom experience is included here!

Shelves made of glass, tempered steel or ceramic are an effective way to organize things. A mirrored medicine cabinet also saves space while giving any room an updated appearance.

Towel rings and bars

Towel rings are often featured in bathroom designs to facilitate easy and accessible towel access. Commonly mounted next to sinks, towel rings offer a quick way for users to grab fresh, dry towels when finished washing their hands.

Towel racks feature multiple bars instead of just one, making them ideal for larger bath towels. Usually freestanding and with various finishes that match almost any bathroom design scheme, towel racks make great storage solutions.

Install a towel bar between 50 and 52 inches off of the ground to ensure that towels can hang freely without touching your vanity, but be mindful not to place it directly above an electrical outlet or switch – wet towels may leak moisture into these spaces and cause short circuiting. Robe hooks work better on shorter walls.


Your bathroom faucet should complement the overall aesthetic and offer durability.

Faucets come in various materials, from metal and porcelain to rubber. Find one that matches your personal style while remaining resilient enough for repeated use.

A cartridge faucet may be an attractive solution, as it utilises a brass valve with rubber O-rings and ceramic disc to regulate water flow more reliably than traditional ball faucets.

Single-Hole Faucets

Single-hole faucets install into a sink’s back and feature one handle, lever or knob to control volume and temperature – perfect for smaller sinks! A popular option among these models is spot-resistant finishes which repel fingerprints and water spots.

Shelves and hooks

Should you require extra storage in your bathroom or want to add a stylish accent, shelves and hooks can help. Although they might seem like small details, shelves and hooks can have an enormous effect on a room’s design – choose styles that complement both traditional and modern decor!

Wooden shelves are easy to care for and versatile enough to suit most styles of interior decor, while metal ones add a modern edge. When choosing wood shelves, be mindful that moisture may damage its finish over time and mold could form.

For an affordable yet versatile bathroom shelf solution, opt for one with a built-in towel rack. This design works particularly well in guest bathrooms and provides plenty of storage space for towels or other toiletries. Alternatively, consider this wall-mounted wooden shelf featuring eight hooks and wooden bar reclaimed design with metal accents creating a unique industrial vibe.

Lighting fixtures

Bathroom hardware like towel bars and toilet paper holders might seem like minor fixtures, but they can make an enormous impactful statement in a room. Select a set that ties together all these elements like this Rohl set which includes a toilet paper holder, two robe hooks, and a towel bar to achieve a cohesive aesthetic.

Decorated lighting can quickly elevate the design of any bathroom space. From vanity lights and ceiling lights that add an eye-catching pop of style, to classic wall sconces that give your design a timeless aesthetic – decorative lighting adds another easy way to elevate bathroom design.

Consider both material and finish when selecting fixtures for your bath. Brass is known to be both rust-proof and visually appealing; stainless steel offers more inexpensive durability. When choosing bulbs, be sure that their color accuracy matches natural sunlight (around 3500-4000K Kelvin rating), so the colors will show clearly on screen. Alternatively, LED bath fixtures offer energy savings.

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