5 Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Space

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Layering your kitchen lighting is key to creating a well-lit space. By including general, task, and accent lights to illuminate the room and add visual interest, layered lighting is an effective strategy that can help illuminate all corners of the space.

Geometric Lighting Fixtures

Add geometric lighting fixtures to create eye-catching focal points in kitchens. Pendants, chandeliers and wall sconces with geometric designs add unique texture and add interest to a space.

Select shapes that complement your decor style; for instance, a sphere-shaped pendant light with a patterned crystal glass shade would look fantastic over an island.

Linear chandeliers make an impressive statement above large kitchen islands and in rooms with vaulted ceilings and large spans of space.

Barn-Inspired Mini Pendants

Add rustic charm to modern kitchens with farmhouse-style pendant lights. Galvanized fixtures with natural finishes work perfectly for any design theme and color palette, or paint vintage fixtures in bolder colors like red for added impact.

Plunger lights offer an effective lighting solution to illuminate bottom cabinet hardware and decor, as well as pantries where they make reading labels and expiration dates easier.

Blend farmhouse pendants of various shapes, finishes, and styles together for an eye-catching display in any room. Varying their height creates visual interest that adds dimension and visual intrigue.

Dimmer Switches

Kitchen lighting fixtures can make all the difference when it comes to turning any space into designer-worthy decor. From pendant lights and under-cabinet LED strips, these imaginative solutions add personality and functionality into your heart of home.

A row of pendant lights dangling above your counter conveys an elegant yet modern aesthetic, while the varied heights add visual interest. Choose a geometric-patterned pendant to suit modern or minimalist spaces or something more traditional like this Santana Rattan fixture with horseshoe gold hardware for more traditional decor.

Install wall sconces flanking your sink for both beauty and utility. Wall sconces create an inviting ambience while relieving visual fatigue while cooking or cleaning up after yourself.

Colored Bulbs

Accent lighting in the kitchen not only brightens a work area and reduces eye strain, but it can also add ambience by drawing attention to features such as an open kitchen island or collection of glazed jars. This type of lighting may come in the form of pendant clusters, wall sconces or even one-of-a-kind fixtures.

Color-changing bulbs offer the opportunity to completely customize the atmosphere in any kitchen, from modern desert clay to refined seafoam. Be sure to purchase fixtures with dimmers so you can adapt their mood as your cooking and entertaining needs vary.

No matter if your design aesthetic leans more contemporary or traditional, lighting fixtures can enhance any kitchen and unify its decor. Check out these expert-approved kitchen lighting ideas to add extra style and functionality.

Statement Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can make an instant impact in any kitchen, instantly drawing people in and creating an instant focal point. For a cost-effective and versatile solution, choose flush mount lights that compliment the color palette or design theme of your interior space.

Large pendants can make an impressive statement and act as a focal point in larger rooms with vaulted ceilings or vaulted ceilings that accommodate long linear chandeliers resembling pendants of this size.

Decorated fixtures can add a luxurious feel to any kitchen, especially when combined with luxurious materials like gold and brass. Colorful glass lamps also make an eye-catching statement while fitting any design aesthetic perfectly.

Plinth Lights

Plinth lights make a kitchen shine by lighting up its lower half, illuminating areas that might otherwise remain dimly illuminated and serving as nightlights for safe movement around the room.

LED plinth lights don’t aim to be incredibly bright; rather they provide a soft glow along skirting boards and kickboards / plinths for an inviting kitchen ambience and work perfectly in combination with other types of lighting to achieve harmony and create the right atmosphere.

These lights come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours for you to tailor exactly to your requirements. Be sure that any plinth lights you purchase feature a dimmer switch so that you can control their brightness accordingly.

In-Cabinet Lighting

Use lighting to illuminate cabinetry as an easy way to highlight special features while decreasing overhead lighting costs. Under-cabinet lights can bring out the beauty in wood used for open-frame cabinets or create an eye-catching museum-like appearance for glassware stored within custom-designed, glass open frame cabinetry.

Add a twist to your under-cabinet lighting with colour-changing LED strip lights! They’re efficient and flexible – two qualities that make them popular choices in kitchen lighting applications.

Puck lights resemble hockey pucks in size and shape, using either xenon or halogen bulbs to emit single, focused spots of light. You can install these directly beneath cabinets or recessed for an unobtrusive installation.

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