Author: Hugo Petersen

Choosing the Right System for Clean Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is an invaluable commodity that should be preserved. Recent headlines about contamination of public water systems, arsenic in private wells and potentially health-harmful PFAS chemicals (which could contribute to chronic illnesses) has brought home the importance of Read More

Choosing the Right Roofing Material for Your Climate

Selecting the most suitable roofing material is one of the most crucial decisions a homeowner must make for their own protection and wellbeing. It will determine its longevity, efficiency and value. Precision Roofing LLC understands that improper roof design for Read More

Exploring Eco-Friendly Flooring Materials

Integrating sustainable flooring into your design doesn’t have to be difficult. Choose from a variety of materials that prioritize sustainability, while still offering beauty and style. Bamboo is a popular option for eco-friendly floors, thanks to its fast growth and Read More